Membership Information

You are welcome to apply to join the TBLC if you are:

  1. a full, part-time, adjunct faculty, or retired member or instructor of a college, university, or other similar teaching program in academia, industry, government, or non-profit organization
  2. a representative of teaching institution (and can apply for institutional membership)

NOTE: In an effort to equitably assess membership fees, the following three-tiered structure is used. This is based upon each country’s GNP, as determined by the World Bank. This applies to both Individual Memberships and Institutional Memberships and a complete listing of countries may be found at: If you are employed in the U.S., Canada, or other high-income category countries, you must choose category 3. If you have a question about your category, please contact

Membership FAQs

Individual Membership
One Year Two Year Three Year
Category 3 $90 (US, Canada, UK, etc.) $160 $225
Category 2 $45 (India, China, Brazil, etc.) $80 $110
Category 1 $20 (Afghanistan, Uganda, Rwanda, etc.)

Institutional membership includes an administrator and up to 5 members. Additional members beyond the first 5 can be added for an additional fee.

Institutional Membership
Up to 5 Members Additional Members
Category 3 $360 (US, Canada, UK, etc.) $72 each
Category 2 $180 (India, China, Brazil, etc.) $36 each
Category 1 $80 (Afghanistan, Uganda, Rwanda, etc.) $16 each

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