Master Peer Evaluation & Team Development at #TBLC23

The 2023 Annual TBLC Meeting will be held in sunny Orlando, Florida from March 11-14, 2023. New for the in-person meetings is the opportunity to take all five courses required for the Knowledge of the Fundamentals of TBL certificate program! Beginning on Saturday morning, attendees will have the opportunity to complete the program from start to finish and leave the meeting certified in facilitating TBL! The third workshop in the series is Peer Evaluation and Team Development.

Peer Evaluation and Team Development
Facilitators: Richard Plunkett – The University of British Columbia
Cortny Williams – University of Western States

Peer feedback (PF) is an important component of Team-Based Learning (TBL) that is often overlooked. It is the final practical element of TBL, in which students are expected to provide feedback to their teammates about their contributions to the success of the team. Such feedback provides information to help individual students improve team performance, as well as develop interpersonal and team skills that are essential for future success. It can provide students with a deeper understanding of how their actions not only impact their own learning experience, but their peers’ learning experiences as well. While the literature supports the many advantages of PF in TBL, there aren’t many resources focused on implementing a PF system in a manner that both develops the students’ ability to provide quality feedback and tracks their continuous mastery of this skill.

Learning objectives for Evaluating Multiple Choice Questions include:

  • Identify characteristics of high and low performing teams
  • Compare and contrast systems and strategies for facilitating team growth
  • Apply strategies to empower teams to self-manage performance through peer feedback and evaluation
  • Identify common errors and barriers to successful teamwork and peer evaluation

Meet The Facilitators

Richard Plunkett
University of British Columbia
Associate Professor of Biology
TBLC Scholarship Committee Chair

Cortny Williams
University of Western States
Associate Professor of Basic Sciences
TBLC Educational Development Committee Chair

For the full list of workshops and more details on the 2023 TBLC Meeting, please click here. We’ll see you in Orlando!