Kristin Janke and Ruth Levine Win TBLC 2021 Best Paper Awards

During the recent 2021 business meeting at the virtual annual meeting, we recognized two papers that stood out among the rest. In an effort to recognize excellence and innovation in advancing Team-Based Learning through research and scholarly publications, two papers were awarded top honors in the following categories:

Research Category
Dr. Kristin Janke
Determining Indicators of High-Quality Application Activities for Team-Based Learning

Kristin Janke, Roberts A. Bechtol, Stephanie James, Gardner Lepp, Rebecca Moote & Peter Clapp. Am J Pharm Educ, 83(9):1920-1928. 2019

Scholarship Category
Dr. Ruth Levine
The Facilitator Instrument for Team-Based Learning (FIT)

Ruth E. Levine, Peggy Hsieh, P. Adam Kelly, Lisa Carchedi, Jennifer Gibson, Paul Haidet, Paul Koles, Lindsey Pershern, Dawnelle Schatte, Brenda Talley, Dwight Wolf & Britta Thompson. Teaching and Learning in Med., 32(1):82-90. 2020

Winning articles were published in a peer-reviewed journal in the last two calendar years (2019 or 2020), are consistent with the entire TBL process, and align with the mission of the TBLC.

Thank you,
Richard Plunkett
TBLC Research & Scholarship Committee Chair