How to Obtain Your TBL Fundamentals Certificate After the Meeting

At the 2019 Annual Meeting in Tampa, TBLC offered the five workshops required for the Fundamentals Certificate. In order to receive the TBLC Fundamentals Certificate, you will need to have completed the 5 fundamentals workshops and filled out the application form here. You will receive your certificate when both the form and $25 payment have been received by the TBLC Administrative office.  If you weren’t aware of the Fundamentals workshops offered at the meeting or weren’t able to attend the sessions to complete your certificate, TBLC will be offering all five workshops at the 2020 Meeting in Portland, Oregon! This includes:

 • Fundamental Principles and Practices of TBL
• Creating an Effective TBL Module
• Evaluating Multiple Choice Questions for Readiness Assurance Tests and Application Activities
• Improving Facilitation Skills for a TBL Classroom
• Peer Feedback and Evaluation More information about the certificate and each of the workshops can be found on our website here.