How to Connect with the Admin Team

To better support your membership needs, it may be helpful to know the members of the TBLC Admin Team and what they do for the Collaborative.

Julie K. Hewett, CMP, CAE
Collaborative Manager

 Julie has been supporting TBLC for over 9 years in many different ways. Currently, she is responsible for Board and Committee support and conference management. Julie will continue to oversee the rest of the management team to support the overall needs of the Collaborative. 

Danielle Inscoe, QAS
Managing Director

Danielle’s role with TBLC will be as the first point of member contact whether by phone or email. She will be helping to manage the day-to-day operations of the Collaborative and will be available to answer questions regarding memberships and upcoming Collaborative activities. 

Cassie Chinn, MAJ, QAS
Communications Director

Cassie serves TBLC as the liaison of communications between and among the membership. She can be found serving the Membership and Website committees, working on the daily email communications and working on the quarterly newsletter. She helps create posts to get the word out about what goes on within the organization. Cassie also ensures the website for TBLC is always up to date while also helping get new content posted as it becomes available.

Amoritia Strogen-Hewett, QAS
Conference Logistics

Amoritia manages the bulk of conference as well as on-site logistics. Although Amoritia is not involved with TBLC on a daily basis, she is always ready and willing to help as needed and may be seen at the annual meeting or upcoming workshops.

How to Connect with the Team
By mail:
c/o JulNet Solutions, LLC
1000 5th Avenue
Suite 100
Huntington, WV 25701
Phone: 304-208-8011
Fax: 304-523-9701

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Amoritia Strogen-Hewett:
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