*Free TBLC Webinar* Getting Research Ideas With the Aim of Publication

Please join us in the first of a series in free webinars sponsored by the Team-Based Learning Collaborative, focusing on generating research ideas with an aim at getting that scholarly work published. Many who are teaching-focused would like to (or need to) publish papers, but may not have access to research data in a particular discipline. This TBLC Research and Scholarship webinar is the first in a series that features a wide range of research that members have published.

This inaugural webinar deals with what is possibly the hardest step in the research process, which is to find a workable research idea that draws on our classroom activities. This poses a challenge, because for most of us teaching/education is an unfamiliar discipline, and it may be hard to see how we can draw on our own “technical” discipline research experience for guidance.

Title: Getting Research Ideas With the Aim of Publication
Presenter: Dr. Peter Balan, OAM
Time: Tuesday, April 23 at 12 PM ESTRegistration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8190296598264358668

Dr. Balan’s field of expertise is entrepreneurship and innovation, but he has built a research stream in education/pedagogy and has set up collaborative research projects with TBLC members in different countries. His view is that every time we walk into a classroom we should see the students in front of us as a potential dataset and that there are many possible research ideas that emerge out of our teaching, and out of reflecting on student attitudes and perceptions in general. 
Dr. Balan will talk through a practical approach for generating research ideas, and will use some of his current projects to bring to life the first steps in the research process, which is to identify a research idea and then to turn this into a research question that can be explored using data provided by your students.

Interested in viewing this free webinar? Register using this link. You will then be sent a URL that will connect you with the webinar. We hope you enjoy the first of what will surely be a successful series of webinars all focused on helping you do your best research and scholarship.
 Thank you,Richard Plunkett, PhD
Chair, TBLC Research and Scholarship Committee