Featured Member: Kevin Krane

N. Kevin Krane, MD, Professor of Medicine, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Tulane University School of Medicine
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Discipline: Nephrology

TBL Experience: I have been involved in TBL at many levels including presenting faculty development workshops, hosting the TBLC in New Orleans in 2010, and in my role as the academic dean, promoting the implementation of TBL in the curriculum at Tulane and other health care institutions. I like to emphasize how TBL addresses most of the competency domains we are expecting of our medical students. Currently I use TBL to teach kidney diseases to both first and second year medical students.

Mentoring Experiences: I have been using TBL for the last 7-8 years, serving as a TBL mentor for most of that time. I have provided “TBL 101” workshops at a number of other medical and allied health schools, and for TBLC pre-conference workshops.

Interesting: One of the most interesting and fun experiences I have had with TBL was providing TBL 101 workshops to faculty from the National University of Rwanda. Just like TBL students everywhere, they would “high-five” each other for correct answers on the IF-AT card!

Adaptions: I like using TBL principles to teach any topic. For example, we have incorporated group application exercises into patient safety training with TeamSTEPPS. in our courses at Tulane.

Research: With other colleagues, we have used TBL to generate scholarly work from our activities in TBL that has resulted in several poster presentations at medical education meetings including one demonstrating improved learning for lower quartile students using TBL and a published TBL Module on MedEdPortal.

How has the TBLC assisted me?: An essential aspect of effective educators is always growing through professional development. The TBLC provides an outstanding opportunity to learn new skills, enhance existing ones, and develop scholarly projects. But more importantly, the TBLC provides a community of colleagues who are interested in enhancing learning at every level of education and are excited about sharing and collaborating with all members.