ETBLC Board – Steve Cayzer

Discipline: Engineering Management

Institution: University of Bath


Twitter: @stevecayzer


Personal profile:

About Me: I am a senior lecturer (teaching) at the University of Bath. I’ve been at Bath since 2010, prior to which I worked in the IT industry as a consultant (Logica) and then a researcher (Hewlett-Packard Labs) working on artificial intelligence, semantic web and sustainability. I have a PhD in computational neuroscience and a degree in physiology. I currently run a number of interdisciplinary MSc programmes covering innovation, project management, product development and sustainability.

Interest in TBL: Although I have always practiced an interactive and immersive teaching style, I have been increasingly frustrated at the limitations of traditional lecturing in large class contexts. Team Based Learning seemed to be the answer I was looking for when I discovered it at a workshop led by Graeme Jones at ESLTIS 2017 in Sheffield (

Since then, I have implemented TBL in my teaching, making a whole number of mistakes along the way but being informed by the TBL literature, mentored by Beck McCarter, and guided by the fantastic worldwide community of practice. As ever in teaching innovation, my students and colleagues have been great sources of feedback, inspiration and support. Perhaps one quote illustrates why I love TBL so much:

The first two hours on Friday flew by (which would be impressive at any time, but for a Friday afternoon is bordering on a miracle) and it was a very effective method for learning

TBL is now firmly embedded in my semester long MSc Project Management courses (delivered to 2 cohorts, both around 100 students). I have also introduced TBL principles to other teaching in the department, notably the 4S principle for class activities.

I now lead a community of practice in the University of Bath, and provide training and mentoring to staff at Bath and beyond, including Bristol, UWE, ICL and Kingston.

Any publications/presentations on TBL:

Cayzer S., Rhodes W., and Palethorpe S. 2019 Creating a high performing team using Team Based Learning and Team Charters. Presented at 5th Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship Conference, Edinburgh Napier Uni, July 2019

Cayzer, S., and Ansar, A. 2019 Using Team Based Learning to identify and develop team working skills in a large cohort. Presented at 5th Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship Conference, Edinburgh Napier Uni, July 2019

Cayzer,S. and Geh, V. 2017 Team Based Learning in a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate programme. Presented at 4th Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship, University of Bristol UK July 2018