December Featured Resource Highlight

This month’s featured module is the Units and Measurement module. The Module was developed by Dr. Lorrie Comeford, reviewed, and published to the Resource Bank in the Fall of 2015. Units and Measurement module was designed for “General Chemistry I” as an undergraduate basic science course.

The Module focuses on nine learning goals. The Learning Goals are:

  1. Identify units for mass, volume, time, and temperature
  2. Make unit conversion with common SI prefixes (milli, centi, kilo) without a table of conversion factors
  3. Convert between Celsius and Kelvin temperature using an equation
  4. Use a table of conversion factors to make unit conversions
  5. Use unit cancellation to show the process calculations involving units
  6. Identify the number of significant figures in a measurement
  7. Round to a given number of significant figures
  8. Report the result of a calculation with appropriate number of significant figures
  9. Solve quantitative problems using units

The Units and Measurement module includes a 5 question RAT and 3 Application Exercises.

This module and many more can be found in the TBLC Resource Bank. Click here to log in to the Member’s Site.