ETBLC Board – Vesna Najdanovic

Discipline: Engineering

About me: I am a lecturer in chemical engineering in the Engineering Department of Lancaster University. My area of research interests is in the field of green chemistry and sustainable technology. I engage with student-centred teaching within chemical engineering subjects. In 2017, I was awarded with the Pilkington Teaching Award (Lancaster University), in recognition for my excellent teaching and for the implementation of the innovative practice of team-based learning

Interest in TBL: TBL in engineering disciplines and influence of TBL on diversity.

Publications/Presentations on TBL:

  • Najdanovic-Visak, ‘Team-based learning for first year engineering students’, Educ. Chem. Eng. 18 (2017) 26–34. (research paper)
  • V. Najdanovic, 2017, ‘Team-based Learning: A Novel Approach to Teaching Engineering Subjects’ in SEFI conference proceedings 125, Société Eropéenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs, SEFI Conference “Education Excellence for Sustainability”, Terceira Island, Portugal, 18-21 September. (conference proceeding).
  • V. Najdanovic, ‘Team-based Learning: A Novel Approach to Teaching Engineering Subjects’, September 2017, SEFI Conference: Education Excellence for Sustainability, Terceira Island, Portugal. (oral presentation)
  • V. Najdanovic, ‘Team-based learning – novel pedagogical strategy for engineering student’, June 2016, Annual Teaching Review, Engineering Department, Lancaster University. (oral presentation)
  • V. Najdanovic, ‘Team-based learning for first year engineering students’, October 2015, Team-based Learning: Leading Educational Change Conference, Bradford, United Kingdom. (oral presentation)