ETBLC Board – Oscar Urmeneta

Discipline: Philosophy, Educational Programm

About me: Oscar is the head of Educational Excellence at FEC, a  Spanish multi-site school federation bringing 22 schools together with over 1,500 teachers in total. Among other things, he strives to drive organizational development and effective educational change towards active learning. Oscar is PhD researcher at the University of Oxford, where he graduated years ago. His research focuses on the evolution of teachers´ teaching beliefs in response to continuous professional development. He is accredited with the Certificate in
Advanced Education Leadership by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is currently Professor of Educational Programme at the University of Navarra. Oscar is TBL Consultant, member of the European TBL Board, and its representative for Spain. He is pioneering the implementation of TBL both in Spain and in secondary schooling. Particularly, he leads the FEC-TBL Professional Development Programme, mentoring a Spanish community of practice with over 100 secondary teachers who are piloting TBL in Baccalaureate and vocational training. He also led the replication of this programme at international level in the TALENTinTBL Erasmus+ Project, finding evidence of the suitability of TBL for secondary teachers in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Twitter: @osurmeneta
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Interest in TBL: 

a) TBL prior to university (Baccalaureate, K12, Sixth Form, Vocational Training…)
b) TBL for disciplines rather unusual for TBL practitioners (Philosophy, History, Literature…)
c) TBL as a the driver for educational change towards active, competence-led learning

Publications/Presentations on TBL:

Oral Abstract at the 17th Annual TBLC Conference (San Diego): Initial evidence that TBL is
superior to traditional lecturing in pre-university philosophy classes.

Darby, S., O’Hanlon, D., Casterton, S., Harding, N., O'Brien, A. M., Quinn, G., Urmeneta, O.,
Tweddell, S. (2023). Improved learning outcomes and teacher experience: A qualitative study
of team-based learning in secondary schools. Social Sciences & Humanities Open, 8(1), 100590.
Available from: