ETBLC Board – Oscar Urmeneta

Discipline: Philosophy

About me: I have been teaching philosophy in the upper sixth for many years. I am the Academic Excellence Coordinator of FEC, a Spanish Catholic school federation that brings 21 state-sponsored schools across Spain together, with 1,500 teachers in total. My major responsibility is to lead the strategy aimed at delivering a paradigm shift from traditional didactic lecturing towards active learning in the sixth form.

Twitter: @osurmeneta

Interest in TBL: I am a TBL practitioner teaching Philosophy in the upper sixth form and leading a pilot project that explores TBL as a driver for educational change at institutional level

I am enrolled in the 2018 TBL Consultant-Trainer Programme. I completed the trainer-consultant workshop at the 17th Annual TBLC Conference held in San Diego and am currently developing the portfolio containing evidence that all the expected six competences are fulfilled. I hope to be recognised as a TBL trainer-consultant at the 18th conference in March 2019.

I am doing research into the following aspects of TBL at the University of Oxford:

a) The suitability of TBL before university, particularly in the sixth form;
b) The suitability of TBL for disciplines rather unusual for TBL practitioners such as Philosophy, History, Mathematics, English/Spanish, Literature…
c) The potential of TBL as a driver for pedagogic culture transformation at institutional level.

Publications/Presentations on TBL:

  • I presented an Oral Abstract at the 17th Annual TBLC Conference (San Diego): Initial evidence that TBL is superior to traditional lecturing in pre-university philosophy classes.