ETBLC Board – Marina Sawdon

Marina Sawdon

Associate Professor of Medical Education, Academic Assessments & Quality Lead, School of Medicine, University of Sunderland

Discipline: Medicine, Physiology, Biomedical Science

About Me: I am the Associate Professor of Medical Education at University of Sunderland Medical School. Together with a colleague (Prof. Danny McLaughlin) I introduced TBL into the medical curriculum at Durham University in 2015, where I worked as physiology lecturer and Assessment Lead. I now work at the University of Sunderland and in 2017 introduced TBL into the Physiology degree programme there. My roles at Sunderland are as Academic and Quality Assessment Lead for the MBChB programme, and I teach physiology on that programme. I am also the Year 1 Lead and carry out research in the field of medical education.  I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Interest in TBL: My first experience using TBL was with first year medical students at Durham University in 2015 with my colleague Prof. Danny McLaughlin. I have recently introduced TBL at the University of Sunderland in a Physiology degree programme. I am currently extending this by writing RATs and application exercises to introduce TBL to undergraduate Biomedical Science students. I have ran workshops on TBL at universities in the North East of England (and one in San Diego at the TBL Conference) to promote the use of TBL in healthcare programmes.

Publications/Presentations on TBL:

  • Danny McLaughlin & Marina Sawdon. Workshop on Team-Based Learning in Healthcare Education. Workshop at Hull York Medical School, York, Sept 2018
  • Judy Currey, Michelle McFarland Marina Sawdon, Simon Tweddell, Christine Dearnley. Leveraging Team-Based Learning Curricula to Develop Professionalism in Students. Workshop to be presented at the TBLC Annual Conference, San Diego, USA March 1-3, 2018
  • P. McLaughlin, R. Ahmed, M. Sawdon. Student Responses to Team-Based Learning (TBL) in Year One of a UK Medical Degree Programme. Developing Excellence in Medical Education. (DEMEC). Organised jointly by COPMeD, HEE, NACT UK, NES, COGPED, Wales Deanery, AOME, ASME, AoMRC, GMC and MSC. 27 – 28 November 2017, Manchester
  • Danny McLaughlin, Marina Sawdon, Simon Tweddell, Shihab Khogali. Team-Based Learning in Healthcare Education. Workshop at ASME, Exeter, June 2017
  • M Sawdon, C Peponis, A Le Saint-Grant, K Doonan, D McLaughlin. Student performance in team-based learning (TBL) tests predict summative examination performance in first year undergraduate medical students. ASME, Exeter, June 2017
  • McLaughlin, D & Sawdon, M. Student responses to a pilot of team-based learning (TBL) in the Durham Phase I Medicine curriculum. Durham Teaching & Learning Conference. Sept 2016