ETBLC Board – Jonny Branney

Discipline: Adult Nursing

About Me: Originally from Dundee, Scotland, I am both a registered nurse and chiropractor with a wide range of clinical experience. Having a strong interest in research I completed a PhD on the mechanism of spinal manipulation in the treatment of neck pain and soon after I joined Bournemouth University as a lecturer. I teach on the BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing programme, mainly subjects encompassing biosciences and nursing care. My research interest is in the management of pain.

Twitter: @Chiroresearcher

Personal profile:

Interest in TBL: In 2014 I came across a paper describing the use of TBL to teach applied pathophysiology to student nurses and I quickly realised this could be an excellent approach to boosting engagement in what can be a challenging subject area for students. I introduced one TBL module soon after and was delighted with the results. In the seminar, I did not have to reteach any content as was typical; students had grasped the knowledge already (as demonstrated by the iRAT and tRAT scores). Rather, students were arguing with me (and each other) regarding the prioritisation of clinical decision making – wonderful! This evaluated so well with students that we now have three TBL modules with another on the way!

Publications/Presentations on TBL: