ETBLC Board – Jacqueline Vos

Discipline: Educationalist

About me: I started my career as a physical therapist. After I finished her bachelor degree in physiotherapy in 1991 at the University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht, I worked as a physical therapist in a private clinic and in a retirement home for more than 5 years. During this 5 years I studied Human Movement Sciences at the Free University of Amsterdam. In 1996 I completed my master degree in Human Movement Sciences with a minor in educational sciences in higher health care education. In 1996 I started working as a trainer for teachers in the higher health care education. Since 2010 I am working as an educational policy advisor at the Medical School of the University of Amsterdam. In my work I focus on assessment

Personal profile:

Interest in TBL: In 2014 I heard of TBL the first  when I was working in a team on the document that described the didactic concept of the new undergraduate medical bachelor curriculum. The chair of the team mentioned TBL as a new teaching method. I wonder what that could be. I never heard of it before. So I started finding out what TBL exactly is. The redesigned bachelor curriculum embraced active learning in small groups as core didactic concept and TBL is one of the forms, which is implemented.

During the process of redesigning the curriculum I had the chance to deepen my knowledge of TBL and to qualify me in TBL-skills, so I can advise, coach and train faculty in the use of TBL. My expertise focusses on TBL in medical curricula.

Publications/Presentations on TBL:

  • I’ve done some workshop about TBL on the annual conference of the Netherlands Association of Medical Education.
  • (Publication) Vries-Erich, J. de, Spaai, G., Vos, J., Crom, K. de, Sijstermans, T. (2017). Ervaring met Team-Based Learning. Onderwijs Innovatie.