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Discipline: Pharmacy

About me: I am a Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice and am part of the original team of 5 faculty members who have developed and designed the new MPharm curriculum at the University of Sussex. We have just delivered the first year of the 4 year programme to our first cohort of 30 students. TBL is essential part of our curriculum. I am a UK registered practising pharmacist and I like to keep my hand in practice by locuming when time allows in both community and hospital sectors.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Educational Academy. My research interests include Pharmacy Education, Antimicrobial Resistance and Obesity management in young adults.

Twitter @ghitch51

Interest in TBL: I attended a workshop at University of Reading in 2012 which was delivered by   Simon Tweddell and put a version of this   to use immediately to my then 2nd year students in delivering pharmaceutics. I found it engaged students, was a new way of delivering pharmacy curriculum and one could be inventive in the way it could be delivered. Since then we also had Simon Tweddell come to University of Sussex and deliver   a TBL workshop to staff   from a variety of disciplines from across the University. I have also presented a brief version of TBL to my colleagues at the University of Valencia during my Erasmus and   hope to be an effective part of the ETBLC team   to disseminate this across Europe.

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ETBLC Board – Geeta Hitch

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