Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops methods and programs for active membership recruitment and retention. The Committee’s current focus is on writing and editing three or four newsletters each year and developing and monitoring of the new TBLC website.

Chair: Michele Clark (University of Nevada at Las Vegas, NV)

Annual Program Committee

The Annual Program Committee organizes annual TBLC meetings, such as identifying the meeting theme; selecting keynote and closing session speakers; reviewing and selecting proposals for workshops, oral sessions, and posters; implementing changes suggested by TBLC members; and performing other functions as needed to ensure the success of annual meetings.

Program Chair (2017): Maria Sheakley (Western Michigan University, MI)
Program Co-Chair (2017): Stephanie James (Regis University, CO)

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board reviews all resources, modules and other publications that are submitted to the TBLC for endorsement by the organization.

Chair: Bonny Dickinson (Western Michigan University, MI)

Educational Development

The Educational Development Committee is responsible for obtaining, evaluating, developing, and disseminating TBL best practices and materials about TBL to be used by the membership and for recruitment. The Committee also plays a major role in organizing the TBLC’s regional Fly-in workshops each fall.

Chair: David Thomas (Oakland University, MI)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the oversight of all financial matters of the Collaborative and for the development of the annual Collaborative financial report and respective budgets.

Chair: Christopher Burns (Roseman University of Health Sciences, NV)

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is be responsible for determining a suitable group of candidates for election to the Steering Committee.

Chair: Wayne McCormack (University of Florida, FL)

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for fostering, enhancing and encouraging the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning within the TBLC. This Committee aids members in developing individual and collaborative research endeavors to measure processes and outcomes associated with TBL, and promotes the publishing of scholarly materials related to TBL. Annual responsibilities also include peer reviewing grant proposals submitted to the TBLC for funding.

Chair: Judy Currey (Deakin University, Australia)

Training and Certification Committee

The Training and Certification Committee trains individuals to use legitimate TBL practices effectively and certify them as trainer-consultants for other educators.

Chair: Paul Koles (Wright State University, OH)


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