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TBLC – Training and Certification Committee Activities Update

The Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC) would like to offer information and updates on all the committees that help to make TBLC an effective organization. This month, we’d like to present our Training and Certification Committee’s (TCC) mission and activities.

The TCC designs and oversees the professional certification of educators who will serve as trainer-consultants for other educators. The mission of trainer-consultants is to promote the practice of excellent, high-fidelity team-based learning.

The 2017 Meeting again offered the workshop on “Becoming a Trainer-Consultant in Team-Based Learning.” This workshop is the initial orientation for those seeking certification, after which candidates progress toward achievement of six competencies under the guidance of a mentor. Evidence supporting competency is summarized in a portfolio created by the candidate in collaboration with their mentor. The TCC reviews all portfolios using 26 pre-determined criteria to determine the candidate’s readiness for certification.

The TCC has reviewed feedback from the 2017 Meeting and will be making some changes in order to improve the workshop. These changes include better communication about fees and registration for the workshop and revisions of the workshop syllabus. The peer evaluation component of the TC workshop is under review in light of other peer evaluation workshops offered in the general meeting.

Currently, only Duke-National University of Singapore and the TBLC offer pathways to become certified as a Trainer-Consultant. We’re currently investigating the possibility of developing a similar pathway to certification for educators in Europe and the United Kingdom. This will allow our European colleagues to decrease their travel and meeting costs while pursuing certification.

The TCC plans to create a “Practitioner” certification program. This would certify those who meet four of the six trainer-consultant competences (fundamental understanding of TBL theory and practice, creating a TBL module, designing and implementing peer evaluation, and delivering basic TBL workshops for educators).

For information on how to become a certified trainer-consultant, please contact the TBLC Support Team at Details about registration for the 2018 Trainer-Consultant Workshop will be available on the 2018 annual meeting website.

TBLC 2018 – Call for Poster & Oral Abstracts – Due September 15!

The Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC) is a group dedicated to supporting educators and trainers from a variety of educational & professional development settings that have implemented or wish to implement Team-Based Learning (TBL). Our recent conferences have included educators from a broad range of backgrounds, including medical education and other health-related disciplines, business and social science disciplines, graduate and undergraduate education, professional schools, and K-12 education. We have benefited from everyone’s experience and wisdom as we strive to share teaching resources, mentor one another, and promote the dissemination, evaluation, and scholarship of TBL.

We invite you to the 17th Annual Conference on Team-Based Learning, which will be held March 1-3, 2018 in San Diego, California with pre-conference workshops on March 1, 2018.

We invite you to submit abstracts for either poster or brief oral roundtable presentations on any topic relevant to team-based learning. Although there will be no limit on the number of poster presentations, the number of brief oral roundtable presentations will be limited.  The Program Committee will review all abstracts for relevance to team-based learning and will determine which are appropriate for poster and brief oral roundtable presentations. Applicants will be notified by November 1, 2017 whether their abstracts were accepted for presentation at the annual meeting and whether deemed appropriate for poster or brief oral roundtable presentation.

We are asking for abstracts for three different tracks:

Fundamentals track – for novices to TBL to help them learn the essential skills to get a TBL program started at their own institution. An example might include an oral presentation on facilitation techniques, or a poster on “How to Write Good Readiness Assurance Tests”

Innovations track – for those who are experienced with TBL to provide information about experiences with particular types of courses or learners or new or innovative techniques. An example might include a poster titled “A TBL Science Course for 9th Graders” or an oral presentation on “How to Start a Web-Based TBL Course”.

Research/Scholarship track – for those interested in presenting findings from educational research or research studies about TBL. Research submissions may be from descriptive, semi-quantitative (e.g., survey results), or quantitative (e.g., experimental) research. An example might be a poster entitled “Getting a research program started in your TBL course” or an oral presentation on “Evidence of standardized test performance gains in Pharmacy students following implementation of a TBL curriculum”.

Click here to view a sample Poster Abstract

Please visit to submit an abstract. Please note that the first time you enter the site, you will be required to create a user profile.

Deadline for submission: September 15, 2017.

Word Limit: 300

While we are open to all TBL-related submissions, we are particularly excited to increase the number of submissions focused on non-medical applications of TBL. We look forward to receiving your submissions and hope to see you in San Diego in 2018!

TBLC – How to Update Your Membership Profile

Did you know that you can update your contact information and add a picture to your TBLC Membership Profile? If you would like to update your information, you can do so by logging in to the TBLC Member’s Only section of the website here.

Once logged in, click “My Profile” at the top of the page. Once here, you can upload a picture to your profile by clicking on the current picture shown and also make any necessary changes to your membership profile, such as adding your address, phone number, or university.

If you don’t remember your password, you can use the “Forgot your password?” link under the login boxes. If you have any questions about uploading your picture or updating your membership profile, contact Danielle Inscoe at

TBLC – Featured Module: Cellular Membranes and Membrane Transporters

This month’s featured module is Cellular Membranes and Membrane Transporters. The Module was developed by Dr. Ruth Vinall, reviewed, and published to the Resource Bank in the Fall of 2016. The Cellular Membranes and Membrane Transporters module was designed for a course in a Biochemistry and Cell & Molecular Biology course. The is a foundational course that is taught to an average of 120 pharmacy students during the first year/first semester of their 4 year PharmD program. The majority of students are bio majors. This is one of 23 TBL modules in a one semester 5 unit course.

The Module focuses on five learning goals. The Learning Goals are:

  • Describe the key differences in structure and function of transporters, ion channels, and aquaporins.
  • Explain why transporters and ion channels are essential for cell function and survival.
  • Compare and contrast the properties of different types of membrane transporters and how this impacts function.
  • Discuss how dysfunction of membrane transporters can result in diseases and disorders.
  • Utilize knowledge of membrane transporters to select appropriate therapeutic targets and interventions.

The Cellular Membranes and Membrane Transporters module includes a seven question RAT and one three-part Application Exercise.

This module and many more can be found in the TBLC Resource Bank. Click here to log in to the Member’s Site.

Did you know that you can submit your own module to be peer reviewed by fellow TBLC members and included in the TBLC Resource Bank? Click here to download the Resource Bank submission form and e-mail it to

TBLC Scholarship/Research Collaboration Opportunities!

The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce we have developed a process for you to seek collaborators and mentors for scholarly writing and research projects.

The process will work as follows:

  1. Complete this survey for each scholarly writing and research project idea you have.*
  2. The Scholarship Committee will review responses monthly.
  3. The Scholarship Committee will solicit collaborators/mentors via the membership email listserv on your behalf.
  4. Members with interest in collaborating on the project will contact the idea generators directly.
  5. Once the writing/research team is identified go ahead and get to work!

*Please note this survey was built using Google Forms. You may have difficulty accessing it from a computer/tablet at work, so we recommend to try using a personal device at home.

We look forward to assisting to create collaborative scholarship/research teams among the TBLC!

There’s still time left to register for the TBLC 2017 Regional Workshop in Chicago

There’s still some time left to register for the TBLC Regional Workshop in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, September 30th at the Chicago O’Hare Hilton. Amy Lin, Abbas Hyderi, and Hugh Clements-Jewery will be presenting the following sessions:

  • TBL 101 – This is the single best introduction to TBL. It is conducted in a TBL format, participants must prepare ahead, take an IRAT, and engage actively with their assigned team members. The structure, process, and essential characteristics of an effective TBL module are emphasized.
  • Creating an Effective Module – This workshop is for educators who have completed the introductory workshop on Team-Based Learning™ – TBL 101. The entire workshop is conducted in a TBL format and there is an advance assignment.

Please click here to register today. For additional details please contact the TBLC office by phone (304) 208-8011 or email at

TBLC – Steering Committee Election Results

It is our pleasure to announce to you that we have one newly elected and one re-elected members of our Steering Committee. Thanks to all who participated in our recent election process. These new Steering Committee members will initiate their terms immediately.

Michelle Farland
University of Florida

Member-at-Large Higher Education:
Peter Balan
University of South Australia

We’re also pleased to announce that the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws revisions were approved!

Please join us in congratulating our new Steering Committee members as they join our continuing efforts to make TBLC a leader in promoting the understanding and evolution of TBL across the educational community.

TBLC 2018 – Workshop Abstract Deadline Extended – Deadline July 22!

The deadline for the 2018 Call for Workshop Abstracts has been extended one week! Please be sure to submit your proposal in the format requested through the online abstract submission site found here.

The new deadline for submission is July 22, 2017.

Please note that the call for poster abstracts will be sent in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or issues submitting your workshop abstract, please email Danielle Inscoe at

TBLC 2018 – Last Chance to Submit a Workshop Abstract – Deadline July 15

The deadline for the 2018 Call for Workshop Abstracts is quickly drawing close! As a reminder, proposals are to be submitted in the format requested through the online abstract submission site found here.

The deadline for submission is July 15, 2017.

Please note that the call for poster abstracts will be sent in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or issues submitting your workshop abstract, please email Danielle Inscoe at

TBLC – Active Learning Conference at Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University, together with Nottingham Trent University and University of Bradford, is holding an Active Learning Conference on September 11-12, 2017. Pre-conference masterclasses will take place on 11 September, with the main conference on 12 September. Professor Mike Sharples, Chair in Educational Technology Learning and Teaching Innovation, Open University, will give the keynote address, followed by workshops and presentations.

Active learning focuses on students actively engaging in their learning through active problem-based learning, inverted or flipped classroom approaches, Team-Based Learning (TBL), SCALE-UP, and technology-enhanced active learning (TEAL).

Space is limited, so if you’re planning on attending the Active Learning Conference at Anglia Ruskin University, be sure to register soon! Click here for more information on the Active Learning Conference or to register today.