Call for TBLC Executive Editor of Publications

The TBLC is seeking a new Executive Editor of Publications. The primary role of the Executive Editor of Publications is to serve as Chair of the Editorial Board and provide oversight to the TBL module resource bank that is available to all members. The TBLC is also excited about a new opportunity to partner with an external company to build TBL modules for their customers to use in their classrooms. The Executive Editor of Publications will work collaboratively with the TBLC President related to this project serving a 3-year term. 


  • Required
    • Expertise in TBL and passion to provide leadership
    • Management of the TBLC Resource Bank 
    • Enthusiasm to develop potential new ventures related to publication opportunities
    • Experience serving as a reviewer in a peer review process
    • Participation in monthly Steering Committee meetings
  • Preferred
    • Experience as an editorial board member, assistant/associate editor, or editor for a journal, book, electronic educational resource, etc.

To apply, please submit a letter of intent (no longer than 2 pages) and a curriculum vitae via email to

 Application deadline: August 9, 2019

Please review the TBLC bylaws for more information about the Steering Committee. If you have any questions about this position or the duties pertained therein please

Thank you,
Michelle Farland
TBLC President

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Call for TBLC Executive Editor of Publications

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