Build your network, your expertise, and your profile with TBLC!

The TBLC can give you access to a worldwide network of active and like-minded people, and a really good way to do this is to become an active member of one of the committees helping to build TBL internationally. The TBLC Steering Committee would like to invite you to become more involved with the Collaborative. There are several areas in which volunteer help is always welcomed and appreciated.

Editorial Board – The Editorial Board reviews all resources, modules and other publications that are submitted to the TBLC for endorsement by the organization.

Educational Development Committee – The Educational Development Committee is responsible for obtaining, evaluating, developing, and disseminating TBL best practices and materials about TBL to be used by the membership and for recruitment.

Finance Committee – The Finance Committee is responsible for the oversight of all financial matters of the Collaborative and for the development of the annual Collaborative financial report and respective budgets.

Membership Committee - The Membership Committee develops methods and programs for active membership recruitment and retention. Two recent responsibilities include the three to four yearly newsletters and the development and monitoring of the new website.

Research & Scholarship Committee – The Research & Scholarship Committee is responsible for fostering, enhancing and encouraging the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning within the TBLC. This Committee aids members in developing individual and collaborative research endeavors to measure processes and outcomes associated with TBL, and promotes the publishing of scholarly materials related to TBL. Annual responsibilities also include peer reviewing grant proposals submitted to the TBLC for funding.

Membership at a committee level fosters international collaborative relationships with like-minded colleagues, and may well enhance your professional standing and opportunities.

Please contact if you would like to volunteer for a TBLC committee position.