Announcing the TBLC Asia Pacific Coalition

I am pleased to announce the approval of the TBLC Asia Pacific Coalition by the Steering Committee at our September meeting. The interest in creating the Asia Pacific Coalition from our TBLC colleagues in that region and the support of this proposal by the Steering Committee emphasizes the global spread of TBL and the interest of the TBLC leadership in supporting TBL throughout the world.

The Asia Pacific Coalition came into existence through the leadership of Dr. Sandy Cook, Senior Associate Dean and Professor, DUKE-NUS (National University of Singapore) Medical School. Sandy’s leadership in TBL implementation and faculty development is extensive and well-known to many TBLC members, and the Steering Committee is grateful to Sandy for her leadership in founding the Asia Pacific Coalition. In addition to Sandy, who will chair the coalition, 16 TBLC colleagues from the region will join her as members of the various committees within the Asia Pacific Coalition. The growth of TBL in the Asia Pacific region has been tremendous and the creation of this coalition will further fulfill the region’s need for support of TBL practitioners.

The Asia Pacific Coalition joins the European TBL Community (ETBLC) as our second official regional community of TBL practitioners. I am proud of the efforts of the TBLC leadership and JulNet, our management company, to support these international interests in TBL. Please know we remain committed to the global support of TBL and welcome your input as we continue down this path. On behalf of the TBLC Steering Committee, I extend a warm welcome to our new Asia Pacific Coalition.

Michael Nelson
TBLC President

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Announcing the TBLC Asia Pacific Coalition

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